Business Overview

Neueon Towers Limited (NTL) (previously known as Sujana Towers Limited) was incorporated in 6 April 2006. The Company has it’s Registered Office at Survey No.321, Turkala Khanapur (V), Hatnur (M), Medak Dist.-502201, Telangana, India and Corporate & Admn. Office at Plot No.5/A, Vengalrao Nagar, Hyderabad-500038. The Company has taken over the Towers Division of Sujana Metal Products Limited pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement and Amalgamation as approved by the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad on 10 April 2007, which came into effect from 4 May 2007 and the Company further changed its name as “Neueon Towers Limited” w.e.f. 04.10.2016.

The Company is a demerged unit of Sujana Metal Products Limited (SMPL). SMPL, incorporated on 2 May 1988, was promoted by Mr. Y. Satyanarayana Chowdary and associates. SMPL is engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing value added steel products. Pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement and Amalgamation as approved by the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad, the Towers Division of SMPL was demerged to Sujana Towers Limited in May’2007.

Product Profile
Structural Steel

NTL has an installed capacity of 1,20,000 tonnes to manufacture structural steel which is primarily used to manufacture galvanized tower parts.

Galvanised Towers

The installed capacity to manufacture Galvanised Steel Towers is 6,00,000 tonnes per annum which cater to the requirements of the following segments:
a. Towers for Telecom Industry
b. Towers for Power Transmission

Projects Division
NTL’s project division turnkey contract services which includes;
a. Surveying
b. Laying of civil foundations
c. Supply & Erection Towers
d. Stringing facilities for transmission industry and
e. Fixing of telecom equipment on the tower

Services Offered

Engineering & Consultation

Structural Analysis & Design: maintaining the latest technology in structural analysis software allows NTL to provide accurate and efficient designs on guyed masts, lattice towers, monopoles, foundation & grounding works.

Structural Specifications: NTL ensure the highest quality and safety of our products. NTL create designs for projects where customers have specific requirements, complying with various standards like Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) and British Standards etc.

Project Consultation: NTL offer clients development and/or implementation solutions from conceptual planning to Project implementation.

Design Reviews: feasibility analysis, product specification reviews, evaluation of alternative designs and equipments.

Reports: NTL provide detailed structural analysis, engineering reports and shop drawings, for site plan preparations.

Turnkey Installations

• Site assessment and analysis of site services
• Pre Engg stamped drawings for site preparation and construction permits
• Foundations, Structure installations and grounding work
• Installation of antenna mounts, antennae and feeders etc
• Site clearing, sweep testing of equipment
• Access Roads, Compounds
• Turnkey project implementation from inception to completion

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